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Record TIME is a paperless system that will digitize and streamline businesses. With Record TIME, users can build and customize digital forms and dockets with various fields and validation rules. It offers various features such as digital docketing, proof of work, staff time tracking, proof of work, custom invoicing, job site management, job scheduling, remote approval, and plant management.


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Create a user-friendly interface to aid in the smooth transition to digital procedures.
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To ensure complete and effective implementation of Record TIME, provide impressive experience in UI/UX design, digital marketing, and website development.
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Improve overall site architecture and navigation for easier browsing and a seamless user experience.
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Implement a completely responsive solution for cross-device accessibility.
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Increase brand recognition and online reach.

Phase 1


The wireframe, which emphasizes minimalism and functionality, enables a logical flow of information, directing users through various features of Record TIME. It meticulously describes the site's structure, strategically positioning critical pieces like digital forms, docket customization, and numerous services like proof of work and job scheduling. During this phase, our goal was to provide custom website development services with a standard overall site layout and navigation, creating a straightforward and accessible platform for users to discover Record TIME's broad functionalities. Cubit laid the groundwork for a user-centric digital experience that matches Record TIME's goals of building brand recognition and establishing a strong online presence in the global market by working directly with them.

Phase 2


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Record TIME allows you to create digital forms and dockets template and replicate any paperwork.

Record TIME emphasized simplicity and boldness. Its warm-toned palette flawlessly combines functionality and aesthetic appeal, with an active button signifying gratitude for a better user experience. It consists of an intuitive standardized experience, a quicker content exploration strategy, and a user-friendly interface across several platforms. Its overall style serves a warm and professional brand identity.

Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The improved user experience achieves its major goal: simplifying the process so that users can quickly locate exactly what they are looking for. The new site structure and features make it engaging for their audience. The increased digital presence added trust and value to their developing brand. Cubit provided custom website development services to Record TIME.