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MCI Kitchen


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MCI Kitchen is a complete house renovation service that handles kitchen design and remodeling. They provide engaging 3D modeling for clients so they can envision the result. They also customize to meet client's specific needs and their attention to detail and expertise sets them apart.

In addition, they provide complete home renovation services that include kitchen, laundry vanities, custom joinery, bathrooms, wardrobes, and office study.


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Create a visually appealing website to effectively represent its brand and services.
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Construct a visual representation of their expertise.
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Deliver an intuitive navigation structure for a streamlined user experience, seamlessly leading visitors through MCI Kitchen's offerings.
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Create a secure browsing experience for users and protect sensitive information.
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Develop a responsive website to ensure optimal viewing on all devices.

Phase 1


Wireframe was rigorously built for MCI Kitchen as the core basis for their digital presence. This wireframe specifies the site's logical flow and structure and anticipates the client's needs, offering an intuitive navigation experience. Cubit aimed to design a user-centric framework that acts as the first step in bringing their brand to life online, laying the groundwork for a visually beautiful and functionally robust website that successfully portrays their competence in the industry.


Phase 2


For Headlines

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We provide comprehensive house renovation services that encompass all aspects, including kitchen design remodeling, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive approach to meet our customers' needs.

MCI Kitchen prioritized visuals that reflect the brand's commitment to excellence and attention to detail during their design phase. Cubit created layout that was visually appealing, with a harmonious color palette and compelling pictures to represent MCI Kitchen skills. The design decisions aimed to create a professional yet friendly online presence that conversely reflected MCI Kitchen's commitment to excellence.


Phase 3

Bringing it all together

MCI Kitchen's enhanced digital interface not only properly represented its brand but also offered an intuitive user experience. The website used a responsive design, which allowed users to easily access information on multiple devices, promoting a happy and accessible online experience. The visually appealing website, along with an easy-to-use interface indeed acts as a virtual demonstration of their expertise in kitchen design and remodeling, establishing them as a market leader in the home renovation business. Additionally, the safe browsing experience fosters trust, and the responsive design assures accessibility for all users, all of which contribute to the overall success and growth of the MCI Kitchen brand.